A trainwreck, but in a good kind of way.

Back in South Dakota, in Mitchell, there was a restaurant that featured Chinese and Italian food. lol.  It did not last long.  Now,  I have a site that features my little harmonica empire, my booklet empire, and my random stupid crap that I post just to get it out of my system.  Are the three compatible? History says no however I have a good feeling about this site and I’m going to run with it for now.

Richie, buddy, wtf are you doing with this site???

Yeah I know it seems weird mixing a personal site with a quasi-business site but in a weird kind of way, it seems to be working.  I can already hear the complaints… don’t do this or you’ll offend someone or don’t do that because it isn’t proper business etiquette or whatever blah, I don’t care.  This is my site and I think the mix is kind of cool.  Well, in a dorky kind of way.  Anyway, the point is that there really isn’t a point other than to have some fun and sell some stuff (harmonicas, ukuleles, and books).