My Books

I’ve written several books which were originally sold on Amazon but then I grew weary of being paid peanuts so I took them off in protest.  Well, I’m feeling better about it now so I’ll be putting them back on PLUS we’ll have paperback versions as well as good old fashioned .PDFs.   I’ll have them on the site soon but here is a list to titillate you…

Flea Market Gazillionaire – My newest and most awesomest ebook, Flea Market Gazillionaire. (NOTE: As of today, the book is done and we are just trying to figure out what to do about a cover.)

How I Quit Smoking and How You Can Too! – This is a great booklet if you need help quitting smoking.  It is all about mindset.

How to Raise and Train Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches –  This one sells pretty good and it is my favourite.

The Budgie Book – A great seller but it needs a bit of updating.

Surviving the Psych Ward – Yeah I’ve done time and I don’t care who knows.  This booklet could save a life.

99 Easy Home Businesses – If you need ideas about what kind of business to start, this book will help.

I think there are a few more but with all the memory robbing medication I take it is hard to say for sure.

These will all be available  soon.